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Lamarcus Aldridge Vs Dwight Howard

Next Monday, the Blazers will play the Magic and one of the key match up will stand to be how Lamarcus Aldridge will fare against Dwight Howard.

The similarities this year between Aldridge and Howard are quite extraordinary. Lamarcus this year has posted offensive stats overall close to Dwight Howard this year as both are their primary options on their respective teams. In February, both of them as well received the player of the month award.

Dwight led his team to a 7-4 mark while averaging 26.6 ppg, 14.8 rpg, and 2.00 bpg shooting at an astounding .667 percent from the field!

Lamarcus Aldridge helped the Trail Blazers to an 8-4 month by leading the Western Conference with 27.8 ppg — his highest scoring average in any month this season — on .563 shooting from the field, to go along with 9.3 rebounds, 1.67 steals and 1.58 blocks.

On Monday, Camby will most likely be guarding Dwight Howard, even though Camby’s coming back from injury, and I suspect Dwight Howard will be guarding Lamarcus or else Aldridge would have a sizeable advantage over Bass in the post.

With Aldridge now playing more in the post, and Dwight Howard now taking mid range bank shots from 8 feet away, their games are even more similar.

Dwight Howard however has an advantage when taking in to account strength and post play. While Lamarcus has improved his post scoring by a ton, Dwight Howard has effectively worked on his post game for the last three years now with a variety of spin moves, soft hooks shots, and dunks. His ability to face up 8 feet away from the basket and reverse it or hit a running hook shot is something that Lamarcus still has to learn to do.

Dwight Howard however also turns the ball over the most out of any player in the league so far. Lamarcus for his size is very efficient with his possessions by being careful with his ball security and back to the basket moves. Lamarcus also has the mid range jumper and traditional fade away compared to Howard. If Howard is defending Aldridge, Aldridge will be more willing to go out by mid court and try to bring Howard out of the middle to put up a hand in his face. The Blazers want to control Dwight Howard and make someone else on the Magic pick up their defense.

The last time that these two matched up, it was at the Rose Garden where the Blazers went on a huge second half run to destroy the Magic in the end for a 97-83 win. Lamarcus was restricted to 14 points on 5-15 shooting while Dwight Howard was a monstrous 13-20 with 39 points. The reason the Magic didn’t win? Everyone else on the Magic was 17-51 from the field. It has to be noted that the Magic didn’t make their big trade until a few weeks after this game and Brandon Roy was also still playing in this game as the primary option. Lamarcus will definitely be taking more than 15 shots on Monday.